Seville, city of eternal light; a major source of inspiration for painters, poets and musicians of all times, is a city that must be experienced with all five senses.
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Just expect to get easily carried away by its many breathtaking sights, diving in textures, colors, fragrances and, of course, explore the many tastes of this city, as the local cuisine is outstandingly eclectic.

As the spring approaches, the city’s atmosphere becomes more and more sensuous: the perfume of the orange blossom, the scent of traditional incense coming out from the churches, the intricate design of the patterned tiles that can be found in Mudéjar-style buildings, the almond trees in bloom… A trip to the capital city of Andalusia will easily turn into a feast for the senses.

According to renowned sevillian poet Luis Cernuda, “For an andalusian, happiness is always waiting behind an arch”. This statement will make sense right after entering the Lion’s Gate of the Reales Alcázares, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of undeniable beauty full of patios, tile-clad rooms, private chambers and tranquil gardens.

The neighboring and labyrinthine Barrio de Santa Cruz is perfect to wander following your instinct. It will be easy and exciting to get lost in narrow streets opening to unexpected plazas full of orange trees. The show goes on with the many hues of a beautiful color palette: whitewashed walls against the bright blue skies, the yellowish “albero” color (a type of limestone very common in the area), the classic crimson and ochres and, of course, imperial purple during Easter.


Plácido y Grata

Another must-see spot is the Casa de las Dueñas. Although belonging to the House of Alba, this palace is open to the public. The palace garden’s lemon groves and other elements are recurring symbols in Antonio Machado’s poetry, who happened to be born there and often recalled his childhood spent there in his writings:

“It is this light of Seville… It is the palace 

where I was born, with its murmuring fountain”.

It is also crucial to treat the palate, and for that, another sense will intervene too. The smell of fresh produce and tapas at the Market in Calle Feria, and the powerful scent of “adobo” fried fish (dogfish) around Calle Tetuán may as well whet your appetite.

The River Guadalquivir is the perfect area to chill, with the silhouettes of the buildings and monuments mirroring in its waters; feeling the last of a warm breeze before the river turns gold right before dusk.

After dark, a flamenco show would be the best idea: the sound of the voices, the guitar, and the rhythmic sound of the claps and castanets will leave you enraptured, screaming “¡Olé!”.

Seville is a delight for your senses, as you can experience so much just walking around its beautiful streets. This beautiful city will be a perfect destination for solo travellers, a friends’ trip, a romantic getaway of a weekend with the family.



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