At the Hotel Plácido y Grata we firmly believe that the true essence of a journey lies in experiencing the city as its inhabitants do.
Plácido y Grata

That’s why, since our opening, we have collaborated closely with local artists to create our very own map of Seville. Today, we present the new edition designed by the artist Andrelo Suárez.

An invitation to fall in love with Seville


This proposal is not just for navigating the city streets, but an invitation to fall in love with Seville. Through warm colours, cut-out silhouettes and friendly strokes, Andrelo has made every highlighted place on the map a must-stop for those seeking a genuine experience in this city.

Suárez’s map is more than a guide; it’s a compendium of experiences and emotions. It divides the city by districts, showcasing not only tourist points of interest but also some locals’ favourite spots. Additionally, it includes activity suggestions to ensure every moment of your stay in the city is unforgettable.

Plácido y Grata

The creative legacy of Andrelo Suárez


The relationship between Andrelo Suárez and our hotel extends beyond this fold-out map. Last year, Suárez exhibited his “Construction of New Worlds” series in our exhibition space, exploring the interaction between reason and emotion. These works, which reflect on how we construct our reality and how our perceptions can coexist or collide, deeply resonated with the hotel’s philosophy.

With his industrial design background and passion for illustration, Andrelo shows us how creativity can bridge reason and emotion between the tangible and the abstract. He immerses us in his creative world with warm colours and abstract shapes, where emotions come to life.

“Suárez’s map is more than a guide; it’s a compendium of experiences and emotions”.

Andrelo also recently inaugurated Espacio Mondo, a studio and art gallery in Seville, dedicated to art, architecture, design and photography. Mondo aims to become a melting pot of ideas and a meeting point for culture enthusiasts, offering a window into new perspectives and dialogues right in the heart of the city.

At the Hotel Plácido y Grata, local talent is the heartbeat of our identity. It doesn’t just confine itself to our exhibition space but extends to every nook and cranny. We are passionate about surrounding ourselves with artists and entrepreneurs whose work enriches the daily experience of our guests.

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