In the heart of Seville stands the Hotel Boutique Plácido y Grata, a refuge where harmony and beauty intertwine to offer an unparalleled experience.
Plácido y Grata

From the first moment we conceived this space, we knew that we wanted it to be more than just a hotel. We wanted to create a place that would invite visitors to immerse themselves in a journey through time and design, where every detail had been carefully thought out to wrap guests in an atmosphere of exclusivity and comfort.

A glimpse into the past

The façade of the Hotel Boutique Plácido y Grata is a reminder of the late 19th century that speaks of a stately past, of a time when elegance and detail were the essence of architecture. The house, with its noble presence on Monsalves Street, a few steps from the emblematic Museo de Bellas Artes, stands as a guardian of Sevillian memory, offering its guests not only a place to stay, but also a gateway to discover the city’s culture in a different way.

“Every corner of Plácido y Grata has been carefully designed to ensure that each guest’s stay is unique”.

Plácido y Grata

An encounter between past and present

Although Seville is a city full of history and tradition, our aim was to create a contemporary space, where the past and the present come together perfectly and bring something new to a city with a rich culture.

By Your Living Space Atelier

The transformation of the space into the Boutique Hotel we know today was a work of art in itself, orchestrated by the architects and designers of Your Living Space Atelier, together with Kiran Vasnani. They have been able to respect and exalt the lines and soul of the original structure (the façade, the hallway, the main staircase and the courtyard), fusing it with a contemporary design of Nordic inspiration and minimalist lines. The result is a dialogue between tradition and modernity, a space that respects its past while inviting the future.

Every corner of Plácido y Grata has been carefully designed to ensure that each guest’s stay is unique. From the majestic main staircase to the serene courtyard to each of the rooms, no two spaces are the same. The personalisation of the interior design thus becomes a reflection of the individuality of those who visit us, ensuring that every moment spent within our walls is special and unforgettable.

The soul of the place: the people who make it possible.

But beyond the stone, the glass and the orange blossom, what truly breathes life into Plácido y Grata is the people who inhabit it every day. From the warmth of the welcome to the discretion of the service, each member of the team contributes to weaving the magic that characterises this place. It is they, with their dedication and passion, who make it possible for Plácido y Grata to be more than just a hotel.

Plácido y Grata

To stay at Plácido y Grata is to find yourself in a space where every detail has been thought out to delight, inspire and offer a haven of peace in the midst of vibrant Sevillian life, from the furniture by brands such as Ferm Living, Santa & Cole, Fredericia or Menu to details such as the amenities by Meraki and the floral arrangements by Orangerie.

Thus, in the nobility of its architecture and the warmth of its people, Plácido y Grata stands as a testimony that true beauty resides in the harmony of opposites, in the encounter between yesterday and today, in the dialogue between art and the soul. It is, without a doubt, a place where time stands still, allowing us to savour every moment. If you have not yet crossed our threshold, we invite you to do so.

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Plácido y Grata

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