A unique experience in a place steeped in history where it is possible to unwind and rest in a carefully curated setting where time stops, and calm and inspiration just flow through.
Plácido y Grata

There is a place on Monsalves Street, Seville, where time does not exist. 

As we enter Plácido y Grata, an outstanding building reveals itself before our eyes. The classic Regionalist-style architecture of this former manor house from the 19th century mingles in perfect harmony with modern solutions and contemporary design pieces

The architecture, surprising and evocative, with comfortable and cozy interiors and a carefully curated selection of Nordic design pieces are some of its most beautiful features.

The newly-opened hotel has been designed by Your Living Space Atelier and has 15 rooms, in addition to a multi-purpose room, cafeteria, cocktail-bar and Placido y Grata’s shop.

The original essence of a typical Andalusian patio has been preserved with a sense of timeless elegance, with the distinctive patterns of the sunlight shining through the iconic latticework. 

The stay at the hotel is a well-rounded experience thanks to all the design accents, featuring pieces by Ferm Living, Santa & Cole, Fredericia or Menu, and the many other details such as the coffee by Nomad or the flowers from Orangerie.



Just like Seville, Plácido y Grata has something special about it. Something that makes this boutique hotel a pleasant and inspiring place, where absolute calmness is guaranteed.

The warm southern light fills the rooms, creating a soft and delicate atmosphere where neutral colors prevail, and timeless Nordic design pieces promote a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Your Living Space Atelier has brought together architecture and design to create spaces where emotion can be felt in every single corner. Each bedroom is unique due to their features since they all have a different layout, making your stay even more special. The rooms overlooking the patio are constantly streamed by the sunlight coming through the distinctive latticework. On the other hand, the rooms overlooking Monsalves Street still keep the original wooden beams from the 19th century.


Plácido y Grata

“A surprising and evocative architecture, with comfortable and cozy interiors”

A comfortable environment with a neat minimalist décor, design pieces and the most thoughtful details are some of the key elements that make for a memorable experience at Plácido y Grata. The stay at this boutique hotel allows you to unwind and rest in a unique historical setting where time stops, and calm and inspiration just flow through.


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