Discover Meraki skincare products during your stay at Plácido y Grata boutique hotel and treat yourself to the self-care experience you deserve: feeling the luxury of indulging in some me-time.
Plácido y Grata

At Plácido y Grata, we believe that it is the sum of all the big and little details that makes for a perfect stay at our hotel. We really care about the design, the interiors, gastronomic offer and events, but we also think about your wellbeing. During your stay, absolute relaxation is always ensured, as we have prepared a spa-like experience in your hotel room with toiletries from Meraki.


We are aware that traveling is a great opportunity to reconnect with ourselves while we get a renewed perspective and allow us to feel inspired by the place we are in, the people around us and all the stimuli that our senses are actively grasping all the time.

When we are out of our hometown discovering a different city, it is also recommended to get away from the stress from daily life. Catching up with sleep and enjoying life at a slower pace is essential to restore our energies and feel properly rested. 

Plácido y Grata

“Stop for a minute. Take a breath. Take a break. Make time. Create a Meraki moment”.

Getting under the shower is one of the most crucial moments of the day; it has a relaxing effect while it can also be reinvigorating, be that in the early morning before starting off our day, or just at the very end, before going to bed in the evening. Self-care is of great importance, for it is a calm moment and quite an opportunity to connect with ourselves.

We have chosen amenities from Meraki for you to have a beautiful moment of relaxation, you will find a range of their products including hand and body washes, shampoo and conditioner and lotion in our hotel to pamper yourself. 


The Danish natural skincare brand has a very clear motto: “Stop for a minute. Take a breath. Take a break. Make time. Create a Meraki moment”. 

Every experience will be delightful, from washing your hands to taking a shower using Meraki products. You will simply love the scent and will feel ultimately refreshed from head to toe.

Inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and with love and respect towards nature, Meraki’s products are designed and developed in Denmark. You will be amazed by their long-lasting natural fragrances and properties, as they are made with carefully selected nourishing ingredients. A real pleasure for your senses.

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