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Here, visitors are surrounded by the best of Seville’s traditional crafts and can discover an incredible selection of unique pieces.
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Located in the heart of the Alfalfa neighbourhood, near the popular “Setas de Sevilla” (“Mushrooms of Seville”), we can find Tenderete. Created by Pilar, this special space is a testament to her sensitivity towards crafts, tradition and local consumption.

What was the idea that inspired the creation of Tenderete?

This journey started in the Arenal neighbourhood, in a small shop that rapidly gained the flair of the best Andalusian tradition. Tenderete offers a selection of handcrafted traditional pottery items, unique glassware pieces from the old glass factory in Seville, La Trinidad, exclusive reclaimed pieces, basketry, carpets, natural soap bars and, of course, the new designs by Tenderete, inspired by folk pottery. This is a reinterpretation of classic ceramics, with an exclusive design, as these are unique pieces. 

Currently, Tenderete is located in a bigger space near Plaza de la Alfalfa.

Plácido y Grata

Where does your interest in handicrafts come from?

I like traditions, and growing up in Carmona was quite influential to me. It is a monumental town with more than 5,000 years of history, where the value of tradition has been preserved. I also spent years working with fair trade and artisans’ cooperatives at Intermón Oxfam, which left a mark on me. I place great importance on how the product is presented to the public in order to capture their attention and make ceramics regain their value.

What kind of pieces can we find in the store? 

We have been evolving in designing new exclusive pieces that are in high demand, without dismissing our origins based on popular ceramics and unique pieces, such as our tableware and accessories with unique designs. Some new hotels in the city have pieces from Tenderete Sevilla. 

We have also started a new line of interior design, where we combine our traditional style and authenticity to design spaces and furniture. In addition, you can also find other pieces, such as table and floor lamps, as well as other decorative accessories.

What is your piece of the moment?

Our rooster-shaped “búcaro”, or “botijo” in Andalusian, which is a typical drinking jug in Spanish culture, is our current most successful design at Tenderete. Many of our customers already associate us with it.

Are there any products that you would recommend for this spring?

Any of our flower vases and any accessories would be perfect for dressing up your outdoor tables this spring.

How is the area where Tenderete is located? Are there any local shops?

Tenderete is located in a very central area of the historic centre of Seville, surrounded by other unique spaces run by Sevillian entrepreneurs. These include contemporary art galleries, design spaces, and different shops that sell sustainable clothing, current trends, hats and accessories. All of these shops have a very personal and original style that sets them apart from other areas of the city.

What do you like most about Seville? What about Seville in the spring?

I like the colours, the light and its narrow streets. And of course, the smell of orange blossom. Spring is a special time in the city. Currently, Seville’s orange trees are in full bloom, filling the air with its scent. It does smell like spring! For those who are unable to visit the city during this season, you can always find Orange Blossom Water at Tenderete.

Where does the melodic and original name of the store come from?

For me, the word Tenderete refers to two of its meanings: a bunch of untidy items, usually lying scattered on the ground, and also, in the Canary Islands, it can be a bustling party or friends’ gathering. I wanted my store to feel that way; a place that would be friendly and welcoming. Of course, it’s always so packed that it is kind of difficult to move around!

What do you think of Plácido y Grata Hotel?

I have been there for coffee and snacks and have attended some exhibitions that they organised. I appreciate the sober atmosphere of the space. Its clean interpretation of the popular style from Seville conveys tranquillity. 

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