This spring, come to Plácido y Grata to enjoy a fresh drink in the best company.
Plácido y Grata

Meeting our dearest friends these days to spend some quality time with them is certainly a great plan.

During the first days of spring in Seville, when mornings are still crisp, but it usually gets warm and sunny around noon, it is quite a luxury to sit outside to have a drink al fresco, exchanging funny anecdotes and reconnecting with those who really know us and make us laugh.

Hanging out at The Plácido y Grata Store with your friends is one of the best plans for the weekend. 

You may start the day early having breakfast in the cafeteria; enjoying a chill, slow morning. When the time for the aperitif comes, it will be a pleasure to sit outside, in the shade in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.

Plácido y Grata

‘Vermouth time’ is one of the most typical traditions in Spanish culture. Funny enough, this custom was considered somewhat outdated until very recently, since it was related to the typical Sunday family gatherings from the old days. Luckily, this good habit returned to the Spanish terraces to stay, as it continues refreshing the younger generations.

Bitter and sweet at the same time, this liquor is ideal for having a nice time while whetting your appetite. We advise drinking it before lunch, although we could certainly say that the ‘vermouth hour’ is very relative.

Plácido y Grata

Whether you prefer meeting with your friends in the morning, in a cosy and relaxed environment, or you are more into sunset gatherings, at Plácido y Grata we have a varied menu of drinks and snacks so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant moment in a casual environment. 

Chin chin to those daytime plans with friends!

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