The boutique hotel Plácido y Grata is a place where time does not exist, but the traditional architecture of the building invites us to immerse ourselves in its history. Discover the past and the details behind the rehabilitation project of the historical building in which the hotel is located.
Plácido y Grata

Just a few steps from a place brimming with history such as the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville, we find Plácido y Grata, an oasis of comfort where calm reigns and where time, as we know it, does not exist. The boutique hotel is quite a reference spot for contemporary design enthusiasts, although the original architecture is reminiscent of the late 19th century, when this impressive manor house was built on the noble Monsalves Street, in Seville’s old town.


Staying in Plácido y Grata means visiting a building with added value, since its constructive features still resemble the spirit of the time in which it was erected.

The Sevillian regionalist style architecture merges seamlessly with the minimalist, Nordic-inspired design, resulting in an interesting meeting point between tradition and modernity.

The rehabilitation project and the design of the hotel have been carried out by the architects and designers from Your Living Space together with Kiran Vasnani. The studio members found themselves with a manor house rebuilt in 1914 and cataloged within the Special Plan for the Protection of the Historic Sites of the city of Seville, with some protected elements that had to be safeguarded, such as the facade, the hallway, the main staircase and the courtyard. This is precisely what defined the way in which the hotel rooms are arranged. In Plácido y Grata each room is different, since they had to be adapted to the original layout in order to respect the original morphology of the house.



The first and second floors host the rooms, and are arranged either around the courtyard located in the back area or the main facade of the building, while on the upper floor there is a large terrace with a pool only for guests.

One of the biggest challenges during the renovation of the building was placing the rooms in the first bay, one of the protected elements. As this is an old building, the new facilities had to be adapted in order to preserve the original elements. It was the case of the technical lighting, air conditioning and the original beams, which are made of beautiful wood that adds an organic note and lots of charm.


The greenery plays a major role in the courtyard, honoring the abundant vegetation that was found in the original building. The image of a fig tree taking over the derelict house was so vivid in the minds of the members of Your Living Space that they decided that it was of great importance that the vegetation had a prominent presence in the new building. In the courtyard, we find an oasis of greenery and aromatic plants, created by the landscape architect Marta Puig.


Plácido y Grata

“The experience of staying at Plácido y Grata is synonymous with comfort, serenity and disconnection


Another highlight of the hotel is the design. Your Living Space were clear about how every room in Plácido y Grata had to live up to its name, creating a serene and pleasant environment where the visitors could feel at ease and well cared for at all times. The use of noble and functional materials was crucial to ensure clean and uncluttered rooms in which every detail contribute to create a warm and comfortable environment.

The coexistence of modern materials and equipment is not at odds with the historical features of the building; they just complement each other perfectly. The artisanal finish of the lime mortar, typical in Andalusia, is present throughout the ground floor and the common areas, while the rooms are painted in natural tones which closely resemble this same finish. The main element in the rooms is a careful selection of furniture and light fixtures by &Tradition, DCW, Ferm LivingMenuSanta & ColeSkagerakMuuto or String furniture.


The experience of staying at Plácido y Grata is synonymous with comfort, serenity and disconnection, while also offering the opportunity to enjoy the history and heritage of Seville. Discover it during your stay.


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Plácido y Grata

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