Discover Coco-Mat's experience, the rest you deserve.
Plácido y Grata

Sleeping is arguably one the biggest pleasures in life, and the moment we go to bed is among the highlights of the day. The quality of our sleep is especially significant when we are travelling and discovering a city; walking around its streets and creating memorable memories. And for that, we deserve a good, restful sleep.

The Hotel Plácido y Grata has refined interiors in a palette of natural colors to ensure healing and peace of mind. Beyond delighting us with selected furniture pieces, the subtle sounds coming from the fountain or the shadow play forming through the latticework, we can also have a magnificent rest thanks to the Coco-Mat mattresses.


Every detail counts, and a good sleep is paramount, especially during a trip. That’s why the hotel has decided to trust Coco-Mat for this aspect. In 1989, this greek company started producing mattresses in a conscious way,  using natural materials to ensure the best possible night’s sleep.

Always guided by nature, and inspired by the idea of a symbiotic relationship with people, the products from Coco-Mat have a STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX®, so we can feel in harmony with a toxic and chemical free product. Furthermore, Coco-Mat is an active member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, supporting the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profits, while The Responsible Down Standard ensures that down and feathers come from ducks and geese that have been treated well.

Plácido y Grata

Every detail counts, and a good sleep is paramount, especially during a trip.

Made of natural latex, Coco-Mat’s mattresses are designed to ensure a natural experience: a sound sleep. Using such material, along with coconut fiber, results in a perfect balance between the right body support and a soft feeling that allows for a more pleasurable sleep.

Come to Plácido y Grata to discover Coco-Mat’s experience, the rest you deserve.


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