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As thoughtful as they are about every single detail just to ensure the most beautiful experience, Plácido y Grata has confided in one of the leading names in the world of specialty coffee for their boutique hotel in Seville.
Plácido y Grata

Since last September, coffee enthusiasts have been celebrating the opening of Plácido y Grata’s café in Seville. Their coffee is selected and roasted by NOMAD, one of the most prominent names in the scene coming straight from Barcelona to delight us with the best flat whites among many other brews.

NOMAD started out in London in 2011, where Jordi Mestre, the barista behind this exceptional project, received his training. After a wonderful journey rich in aromatic experiences, the company relocated to Barcelona, where they now have three coffee shops and their very own roaster, located in Poblenou.


Specialty coffee (or gourmet coffee) refers to the highest grade of coffee available. Said term was used for the first time by the pioneer Erna Knutsen in 1974 to describe those beans which are produced in special microclimates and have the best flavor. Widely extended after the third wave (after the year 2000), this term describes the coffee that is farmed and roasted with higher and more sustainable standards than the average commercial coffee.

For NOMAD, the most important thing is to be present at every stage of the production process. They travel to origin searching for the best beans and work along with importers and producers. 

Their offer is fine and eclectic, featuring beans from countries like Colombia, Rwanda, El Salvador, Tanzania, Brasil, Congo or Costa Rica. Roasting bestows the coffee a special character, and this is done in their very own roaster in Barcelona.

Plácido y Grata

It is possible to sip a lovely cup of coffee served by the NOMAD baristas in a chill spot at Plácido and Grata’s Café. The atmosphere is perfect to prepare for the day, flipping through the pages of a lifestyle or design publication, while enjoying a fresh croissant.

Come and dig into the world of specialty coffee, you will be delighted with all the nuances and aromas. Placido and Grata’s Café is open to guests and the general public Monday through Sunday, from 8am to 7pm.


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Plácido y Grata

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