As temperatures keep rising, there is a time in the day in which it feels like the scorching heat won’t give us a break, so we have to think about some plans that enable us to cool down, rest and unwind.
Plácido y Grata

Plácido y Grata’s cocktail bar is an excellent place to spend a pleasant time in good company, sheltered from the early afternoon heat. Whether you come for the aperitif, that after-lunch drink or in the early evening, our bar is a great choice for those moments in which you feel like having a delicious and refreshing drink.

The cocktail bar is located right inside the building, next to the outdoor patio, where the bar’s terrace opens up to the majestic presence of the iconic latticework made of ceramic slabs, hosting countless magical evenings in which music and good times abound. But if you choose to stay indoors, you’ll see how our team of bartenders comprising Maria Isabel (“Gecko”), Yesayi, Marialys, Dani and Santi do their magic and combine different liquors right before your eyes at the bar.

Our cocktail menu has been designed by José Claro, award-winning bartender from the local cocktail scene who has also been in charge of training our team of bartenders at Plácido y Grata.

There are options to suit every taste in our menu, including many all-time classics with a twist such as the “prepared vermouth” or the Dry Martini, and other modern creations; original and fragrant, which are often inspired by local liquors, just like the PX Expresso Martini, a drink combining vodka with coffee notes and the sweet accent of Néctar PX, a wine made with Pedro Ximénez’s grapes. 

Another good example is Silencio, a cocktail prepared with a generous Amontillado wine along with other liquors and some citrus notes.


If you’d like to experience Plácido y Grata to the max, our house cocktail is Santa Grata Tie. This is a highly refreshing drink that combines a spiced rum with mezcal and refreshing limoncello, Orgeat syrup, lime and pineapple juice.

Furthermore, The signature cocktails from our menu could always be adapted based on the preferences of our guests and there’s even the possibility to order some more personalized drinks to fit everyone’s tastes.

Plácido y Grata’s cocktail bar is the coolest place to escape the heat during the warmest hours of the day and the early hours of the evening, when the outdoor area gets especially busy for the jazz concerts that are held in the patio on certain occasions.

If you also feel passionate about the world of cocktails and would like to try mixing your own drinks, stay tuned for the upcoming cocktail workshops that we will organize at the hotel.

Plácido y Grata
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Plácido y Grata

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