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Isadora Shop is a rather unique spot in Seville for fashion, design and décor. In this concept store you will find selected brands of the likes of SFKF, Soaked, Pepaloves, Nümph, Malahierba, PAN, Closca or Hilvah. They all have a modern spirit and are quite unique, so they easily stand out in the current fashion scene in Seville.
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The shop is located right in the center of Seville, within the commercial area called ‘Soho Benita’. Lorena and Manuel initiated this project in 2006. Ever since, they have been in charge of curating the selection following their own standards of beauty, uniqueness and quality. 

From fashion and lifestyle to homeware, books and magazines, notepads and candles… Isadora is full of original and inspiring pieces. Furthermore, they are focused on the shopping experience by offering dedicated assistance and paying special attention to details. some time to enjoy in a pleasant atmosphere.

The thing we like the most about Isadora Shop? It’s more than a concept store in the center of Seville. In addition to displaying a carefully curated selection of pieces, Isadora Shop is also a hub where interesting events take place.

Tell us a bit about yourselves. How did you come up with the idea for Isadora?

It came up quite spontaneously. I, Lorena, studied fashion design at Madrid’s IED, and when I first arrived in Seville it was clear to me that a store like Isadora was necessary. A place for local fashion brands, fine stationery, artist’s illustrations and creative accessories. Back in 2006 there were not many stories of this kind in downtown Seville. So this is how my partner, Manu, and I decided to hunt for a place to start our business.

How are your design choices and ideas received by the public in Seville?

I remember the first years, when not everybody got the concept of this store. Some people thought this was a second-hand store, but I guess that was partly because of the décor, since our first store resembled a tearoom (laughing). We have changed and evolved with time. We are constantly looking for new brands and products, but we always keep our essence. The assortment is pretty varied: we have bottles, helmets, candles, shoes, lots of beautiful clothing and even more!. Our customers know exactly where they are coming; they always give us really good feedback, and that makes us so happy!

You seem to favour ‘slow shopping’, tell us more about your filosophy.

For us, ‘slow shopping’ is a pleasurable shopping experience, just going to a restaurant, or to a movie theater; these places we go to have a good time. We aim to assist, advise and listen to every need possible from our customers in a relaxed manner, we like to do things with love.

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“A surprising and evocative architecture, with comfortable and cozy interiors”

Your shop is some kind of hybrid space too, since you also organize workshops and other events. 

We love that our shop is a vibrant place where things happen. We have hosted showrooms, concerts, exhibitions, workshops… We’re still trying to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic, but we already have some activities in mind.

Tell us about your favourite places in Seville

There are many gorgeous places in Seville to wander around. Some of our favourites are the Alameda district and Feria Street; we love living in this neighborhood. There are lots of bars and restaurants mingling with the most traditional bookshops and hardware stores that still remain intact. Ideal for strolling are the area around the river, the Alcázar, the jewish quarter, and last but not least, our shopping area and our neighbors at ‘Soho Benita’.

We are living in an unprecedented online world, and commerce is in constant evolution. How do you stand out? 

During the confinement due to the pandemic, we jumped into the online world and opened our online shop, but we still have a long way to go. Our thing has always been dealing with our customers in person. We like to talk to them, some of them are even friends by now, and we enjoy helping them to find a gift, assisting people, organizing impromptu sessions as stylists… that’s the best thing for us!. We certainly love our job, we feel so lucky.



Isadora – The Concept Store
C/ Don Alonso el Sabio, 11


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