With its lovely atmosphere and an extensive offer of food and beverages, Plácido y Grata’s patio is quite the place to relax, unwind, connect with nature and get a glimpse of Seville’s magical beauty.
Plácido y Grata

You can enjoy a drink and have a little something to eat while sitting al fresco on the charming patio of the hotel. Whether you are a solo traveller or visiting with family or friends, this hidden gem in the heart of Seville is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the historical city centre.

The beautiful and contrasting textures of the vegetation, like the star jasmine and ornamental vine that intertwine in the patio, create a haven of serenity surrounded by lush greenery and cosy seating areas. You can read more about the concept behind Plácido y Grata Hotel’s landscape design in this interview with its creator, Marta Puig Bellacasa. 

Plácido y Grata

The notorious presence of the historical building and a peaceful atmosphere make this an ideal place to enjoy the menu from the hotel’s cafeteria and cocktail bar

You can come here to sit and plan your day ahead, or simply intend to cultivate dolce far niente, the so-called art of doing nothing, according to Italians. 

Plácido y Grata

Either way, you will find the scenery very inspiring. And, as you look around, you will spot our guests mingling with locals in a lovely area surrounded by vegetation where we also host live music events and workshops on special occasions.

Plácido y Grata’s patio is the perfect spot to connect with yourself or spend some time with your travel companions all year round. Would you like to experience it for yourself? We’ll be happy to welcome you here!

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Plácido y Grata

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