Take a break and indulge in some me-time during your stay at Plácido y Grata Hotel.
Plácido y Grata

In a fast-paced and hectic world, it is rather easy to get caught up in the daily grind, constantly juggling work, family and social obligations. In the midst of this chaos, one crucial aspect often gets neglected, that being “me time”, the healthy practice of making time for yourself to relax, recharge and indulge in activities that truly bring you joy and allow you to connect with yourself.

At Plácido y Grata Hotel, we’re perfectly aware of how important this aspect can be and have prepared an experience that will make you feel like you are investing in your well-being. Book a stay with us and let us pamper you with our services. 

Plácido y Grata

We offer many activities such as private yoga classes, weekly jazz concerts in our patio and have Veloretti bicycles available for our guests to discover the city at their own pace.

On the more tranquil side, reading a book, having a long breakfast in our inviting cafeteria and relaxing on our terrace will also make you stop, reflect and appreciate the present moment.

Plácido y Grata

Treat yourself to the delicious sweet bites by Pablo Conesa’s Alternative Bakery or a freshly brewed cup of Nomad specialty coffee and take your time to enjoy each mouthful while you peruse through our magazine selection focusing on art, design and lifestyle.

Read more about our breakfasts at Plácido y Grata’s Cafeteria.

As for those who find solace in putting pen to paper, the serene atmosphere of Plácido y Grata Hotel will be quite the place to journal. Just turn off the notifications on your phone and allow your mind to reset and find inspiration in our hotel. 

In the comfort of your hotel room, run a bath and delve into the delicate scents of the amenities from Meraki; you will love the fragrance and the feeling on your skin.

Plácido y Grata

Plácido y Grata Hotel is perfectly suitable for solo travellers, as well as for families or couples who wish to slow down and enjoy the present moment together. Step away from the usual routine and take a break to reset and explore new ideas. 

Find the dates that best suit you and book a retreat at Plácido y Grata Hotel today. You certainly deserve it.

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